What do the Scholars of Islam have to say about shaking hands using only one hand? Is it Sunnah to use both hands or not?


The handshake with both the hands is from the Sunnah and this method is being followed since the Prophetic Age till today and has come down to us through our Predecessors(aslaaf).

It is mentioned in Bukhari that Sayyiduna Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with him) said “My hand was between both the palms of the Prophet salAllahu alaihi wa sallam”. Imam Bukhari has mentioned this narration in the Book of Seeking Permission in the Chapter on Handshake. Thus, the stance of Imam Bukhari is evident and we get the proof of the handshake with both the hands.

Shaykh al-Muhaqqiq ‘Abdul Haqq Muhaddith ad-Dehlawi states in Ashiat ul-Lumaat “It is a sunnah to shake the hands whilst meeting and it should be done with both the hands”. To shake hands with only one hand is the way of the Jews and the evil doers (fussaaq) of this age.

Furthermore, Mufti Jalaluddin Amjadi states in Anwar ul-Hadith that, “The ghayr muqallid wahabies (those who don’t adhere to any of the schools of Islamic Jurisprudence) believe that the handshake with both the hands is impermissible and against the Hadith. This is their gross ignorance”.

The Noble Messenger of Allah ﷺ stated “The one who resembles others is not from us. So, do not resemble the Jews and the Christians” and he also stated “the one who resembles a people is from them”. Thus, on the basis of the resemblance to the Jews, Christians, Wahabis and grave sinners, the handshake with only one hand is disliked (makrooh) in the Shari’ah (Sacred Law) and it is necessary to abstain from it.

And Allah knows best.

[For further explanation refer to the booklet of ‘Ala Hadhrat entitled Safaayih al-Lujayn]

Answered by Mufti Zahid Hussain Al-Qadiri – answer from

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