What do the scholars of the Dīn and muftīs of the Sacred Law state regarding the following issue: How is it to keep a nickname for oneself, and can one have a vehicle registration plate with this, like saying Ibbi for Ibraar, etc?

Questioner: Ibraar from England, U.K.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
الجواب بعون الملک الوھاب اللھم ھدایة الحق والصواب

There is no problem in keeping a nickname out of shortening, but this should not be done to the names kept from the holy and sacred names of Allāh Almighty and the Noble Prophets. And at the time of speaking or calling out, many names are shortened in the Arabic language which is known as Munādā Tarkhīm.


والله تعالی أعلم ورسوله أعلم صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم
کتبه أبو الحسن محمد قاسم ضیاء القادري

Answered by Mufti Qasim Zia al-Qādiri
Translated by Haider Ali al-Madanī

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