As we know here in the West we don’t often have designated ghusl or wudhu areas in our homes but rather have to do it in the bathroom. What is the ruling on reciting any thing in this situation? 


All forms of speech should be avoided in such a place where there is a toilet area, in particular the dhikr of Allah (subhanahu wa ta ala). One should mention the supplications of entering and exiting the toilet outside such a room. One should also recite the basmalah for wudu and ghusl prior to entering.

Al-Sayyid ibn Abidin al-Shami (رحمة الله عليه) has mentioned in ‘Radd al-Muhtar’:

“The wording of ‘al-Ghaznawiyyah’ is: One should not speak in it i.e: the toilet. In ‘al-Dhiya’ relating from ‘Bustan Abi al-Layth’ the wording is: ‘Speech in the toilet is makruh.’ Its apparent understanding is that it is not restricted to the state of answering the call of nature.”

The Sayyid (رحمة الله عليه) then mentions:

“If one performed wudu in the toilet area due to an excuse should he recite the basmalah and its like from the supplications, taking into account the sunan of wudu or leave them taking into consideration the place? That which is apparent is the second, because of the ulama explicitly placing prohibition before command. Reflect (upon this).”

[Radd ul Muhtar 1/344]

Allah knows best

Answered by Ustadh Ibrar Shafi

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