What is the fiqh of wearing leather socks?


The wiping of the footgear (footgear typically worn are ankle-high leather socks that are worn inside the shoes) has been established by the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم sayings and actions.

It is valid for both men and women to wipe the khuf (footgear) to obtain cleanliness from the state of minor impurity (one is not permitted to wipe the footgear to acquire cleanliness from major impurity), even if the wiping is on something thick other than leather, and it is the same of the sole is made of leather or not.

Seven conditions are required to validate the wiping.
1)    The first requires that they be worn after washing the feet.
2)    They must cover the feet up to and including the ankle.
3)    One must be able to continuously walk in them. It in not permissible for one to wipe on footgear that have been made from glass, wood or steel.
4)    Each khuff must be free from a tear the size equivalent to three of the smallest toes.
5)    They must be able to hold to the feet without being tied.
6)    They must prevent water from reaching the skin.
7)    When wiping the front part of the foot must be physically present.

A non-traveller is permitted to wipe his footgear for one day and one night (24 hours).A traveller is permitted to wipe his footgear for three days and three nights (72 hours).

It is obligatory to wipe the area equivalent to the three smallest fingers of the hand over the top part of each foot. It is sunnah to begin the wiping from the toes of the feet up to the shin with the fingers spread.

Things which nullify the wiping are four.
1.    Wiping is nullified by all things that nullify wudu
2.    The removal of the khuffs invalidates the wiping. The same applies even if the majority of the foot is exposed.
3.    When the majority of one of the feet becomes wet with water, the wiping is ruined.
4.    When the period for wiping expires.

Allāh knows best.

Answered by Ustadh Asid Shafait

Checked by Shaykh Naveed Jameel ash-Shaami

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