Is there any other method of Istikhara which I could perform to guide me in matters, that is easier and more convenient than the traditional way?


One method to do *Istikhārah*:

[ *Istikhārah* is done if you’re not sure whether the action/option/choice is going to be good for you or not.  Example, taking on a particular subject, or starting a new job, or marrying someone etc.]

Pray 2 Rak’āt Nafl with the intention of Istikhārah. After saying the initial Takbīr [Allāhu Akbar] close your eyes. Read Sūrah Fātiha, and when you come to the verse [اياك نعبد و إياك نستعين], then keep repeating these verse (at least 40 times).

Whilst reading this verse, if your body moves towards the right then it’s a good thing, if your body move towards the left then it’s a bad thing.  If you do not move then it’s up to you (whether to carry out that thing or not).

Then complete Sūrah Fātiha and read Sūrah Ikhlāś 11 times:; the 1st Rak’āt competed.

In the 2nd Rak’āt read Sūrah Fātiha (normally) and read Sūrah Ikhlāś 11 times and complete the prayer.

[From Majmū’ah A’māl-e-Raza]

Answered by Mawlana Mohamed Husein Qadri

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