Sometimes if we wear a white Jubbah or Kurta, we can usually see a vest underneath due to the white colour of the Jubbah. If the vest is not worn, then the shade of the skin or skin colour is seen if one looks through the white Jubbah carefully. Most people I have seen wear such white Jubbahs. Will the Salaah be valid in such clothing? 


If the skin colour is visible from below the navel till and including the knees (for men), then Salah will not be valid. If the actual skin colour is not visible, then Salah will be valid. Note that it is not allowed to wear such see-through clothes exposing the awrah even outside of prayer.

It is from the pre-requisite of Salah that Sitr is completely covered. Sitr for man is from below navel till and including the knees.

Hanafi texts clearly states 6 pre-requisite of Salah:
1) Purification (of body, clothes & place of worship)
2) Sitr e Awrah
3) Facing Qibla
4) Time
5) Intention
6) Takbeer-e-Tahreemah


Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohammed Kashif

Note that the awrah for men and women is not always the same (see Q-ID0057 – the awrah of a woman).

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