Are the Sunnahs before Asr and Isha emphasised (mu’akkadah) or not (ghair mu’akkadah)? In the first sitting (qa’dah) of Sunnah salah are we supposed to read Assalatul ‘Ibrahimiyah with Tashahud as well or not? After the first sitting (qa’dah ula) when we get up do we read thana, ta’awwudh and bismillaah as well?


The four rak’ah Sunnah prayer before the fard of Asr and Isha are not emphasised (ghair mu’akkadah). The method of praying these four and also any four rak’ah nafl prayers with one tahreemah is to read Assalatul ‘Ibrahimiyah (also known as Durood Shareef) after Tashahud (attahiyyaat) in the first sitting (qa’dah) as well and read thana, ta’awwudh and bismillah at the beginning of the third rak’ah as well before reciting the Glorious Qur’an.

The famous Hanafi Fiqh book Durr-e-Mukhtar says that if in the first sitting of a sunnah mu’akkadah prayer someone forgetfully reads Durood Shareef (Allahumma Salli…) after Tashahud (attahiyatul-lillahi…) then he must do the prostration of forgetfulness (sajdah sahw), but in other Sunnahs and optional prayers he should actually recite Durood Sharif after Tashahud in the first qa’dah (sitting) also and also start the third rak’ah with thana and ta’awwudh.

و في البواقي من ذوات الاربع يصلي علي النبي صلي الله تعالي عليه وسلم و يستفتح ٰ و يتعوذ

[Durr-e-Mukhtar vol. 1 pg 500 published Pakistan]

Allamah Shami رحمه الله in it explains that the reason for this is that in sunnah ghair mu’akkadah and nafls each set of 2 rak’ah is considered a separate prayer on it’s own:

لأن کل شفع صلاة علي حدة

The same is in Bahar-e-Shariat part four and also in Munyat-ul-Musalli and Al-ta’leeq-ul-Mu’alli pages 323 and 255.

Allah تعالى is most knowing.
Answered by Mufti Shams ul Huda Misbahi
Translated by Mawlana Muhammad Rashid Madani

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