What do the scholars of the Dīn and muftīs of the Sacred Law state regarding the following issue: Women spend more time in the kitchen during the blessed month of Ramadān, and the husband & children ask for various types of food to be made. Please could they be made to understand, so that females may spend more time in worship?

Questioner: Sister from UK


بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
الجواب بعون الملک الوھاب اللھم ھدایۃ الحق والصواب

Without a shadow of a doubt, women sacrifice a great deal in the blessed month of Ramadān; they are busy day & night. Undoubtedly, such busyness of theirs is nothing below worship if they make good intentions that they will serve those fasting in order to please them for the pleasure of Allāh Almighty; Allāh Almighty will reward them immensely for these tasks. Nevertheless, husbands & children should also not keep the women of the house busy at all without reason; rather, help & assist them in order to attain reward, so that these people of Allāh can also be served as well.

واللہ تعالی اعلم ورسولہ اعلم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم
کتبہ ابو الحسن محمد قاسم ضیاء قادری

Answered by Mufti Qasim Zia al-Qadri
Translated by Haider Ali

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