What is the ruling on saying ‘Shub Diwali’ to Hindus or ‘Merry Christmas’ to Christians?


Greeting non-Muslims on their festivals is not allowed and is strictly prohibited. If someone deems it good (i.e the non-Muslim festival), he is out of the fold of Islam and will have to renew his Shahadah and re-marry, if he is married.

Diwali marks the homecoming of the Hindu God, Ram, to his home after 14 years of exile and Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, who they believe to be the son of God (may Allah forbid).

The Ulama have clearly stated that a Muslim becomes a kafir (disbeliever) if he deems any religious affairs of the Kuffar as good.

The famous book in usool, al-Ashbah Wa al-Nazdha’ir by Imam Ibn Nujaym, in its commentary Ghamz ʻUyūn al-Basāʼir it states;

اتفق مشایخنا ان من رأی امرالکفارحسنا فقد کفر حتی قالوا فی رجل قال ترک الکلام عنداکل الطعام حسن من المجموسی اوترک المضاجعۃ عندھم حال الحیض حسن فہو کافر

“The Scholars have unanimously agreed that if someone deems an act of the disbelievers as good, he is in fact himself committed kufr, so that even if a man says ‘to remain silent whilst eating is good as fire-worshippers do’ or ‘not having sexual intercourse is a good act that they perform (the fire-worshippers)’ he will become a kafir.”

[Ghamz ʻUyūn al-Basāʼir]

Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohammed Kashif

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