What do the scholars and muftis of the mighty Shari’ah say regarding this matter, is Coca-Cola harām?

Questioner: Naheem from UK


بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
الجواب بعون الملک الوھاب اللھم ھدایۃ الحق والصواب

If all of the ingredients present in Coca-Cola are halāl, then it is not harām, but it is halāl. However, one should avoid such things as they are harmful to one’s health.

According to my research, these are the ingredients found in Coca-Cola: carbonated water, sugar, colour (caramel E150d), phosphoric acid, natural flavourings including caffeine.

Also, the following statement can be found in the FAQs section of the Coca-Cola website:

“Coca-Cola is proud to be the world’s largest non-alcoholic drinks company. In the manufacture of Coca-Cola, alcohol is not added as an ingredient and no fermentation takes place.”

واللہ تعالی اعلم ورسولہ اعلم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم
کتبہ ابو الحسن محمد قاسم ضیاء قادری

Answered by Mufti Qasim Zia al-Qadri

Translated by Zameer Ahmed

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