Is it permissible to purchase items, especially food items, that have an image of idols on them? A common example is a rice bag that is purchased from South Asian stores and has an image of a Hindu idol on the cover of the bag. Likewise, is it permissible to shop in such stores that openly display idols, in the form of images hanging on the walls or statues?


It is allowed to purchase these items. A Hindu idol image will not make impure the content inside nor do the idols at these stores affect the food.

There is a basic rule of Fiqh that states a thing will not be deemed haraam (prohibited) until there is proof for it. One of the core text of Hanafi Usul ‘Ashbahun Naza’ir’ states :

الاصل في الاشياء الاباحة حتى بدل الدليل على عدم الاباحة

In origin, everything is permissible unless a proof is provided against its permissibility.

[Ashbahun Naza’ir, vol 1 page 223]

However, you should always try to buy from a Muslim store rather buying from these Hindu stores.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohammed Kashif

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