What is the woman’s awrah in front of other women? Is it the same in front of non-Muslim women? And can a woman be touched around her navel area by another woman?


Awrah for a woman in front of another Muslim woman is the same as that for a man in front of another man. It is the part from the navel to the knees (including the knees). In front of non-Muslim women, a Muslim woman should cover whole body except face, both palms and soles of both the feet.

The part of the body which is allowed to be exposed can also be touched. So if the area is above the navel or below the knees, it can be touched (by a Muslim woman) but not below the navel or above the knees.

The famous Hanafi text states, “and women can look at the body parts of other women (Muslim), the parts which a man can look at another man.”

[Hidayah, volume 2 page 340]

It is stated in Fatawa Hindiyah that, “Women looking at other women is like a man looking at another man (i.e. the bodily parts which are allowed for a man to look for another male are also allowed for a woman to look at another Muslim woman). (However), it is not allowed for a Muslim woman to expose her awrah in front of a polytheist woman.”

[Fatawa Alamgiri, volume 5 page 404]

Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohammed Kashif

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