[Q-ID0407] The local School is teaching my kids Homosexuality is normal, what should I do?


What do the Scholars say regarding the following: Schools these days are teaching children that being a homosexual is perfectly normal, how as a Muslim parent should I bring my children up in such environments?

Questioner: A brother from UK


By arranging private tuition for your children and having them removed from such schools.  It is within the the law to home school your children. Research information regarding the legal parameters of this.

I have a student who is tutored at home by his mother and he has memorised the Qur’an and can read advanced texts in theology like Sharh Bajuri ala al-Jawhara and inheritance laws like Siraji. If you still have excuses for not undertaking home tuition then become active in your child’s school and governor’s meeting. Find out if you can have your child removed from such classes and religious gatherings that go against Islam.

Like other issues (such as forced marriages, drugs, divorce, capitalist Mosque committees, rubbish on the streets, ignorance, corruption, abuse, political problems, oppression etc) we must take practical steps and rid ourselves of the main problem is laziness.

Answered by Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid

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