I am convert to Islam and had some questions regarding the Qur’an. 1.Will I be rewarded for reading the translation of the Quran in English only? 2.What is the right of the Qur’an upon me? 3. Also, Whilst reading the Quran, what should be my intention? 


1. Allāh will reward even for reading the translation as you are seeking knowledge which is an act of reward.

2. One needs to be in state of purity even when reading the translation of the Holy Qur’ān. [For the benefit of other readers I will present some references]

To touch Translation-only Quran (which do not have any Arabic script) is impermissible without Wudū (Ablution).

Allah Almighty says, “None shall touch it except the purified.”

[Surah 56 verse 79]

It is in Fatāwā-e-‘Ālamaghīrī (al-Hindiyyah): “If the Holy Qurāan is written in Fārsī (Persian) then it is Makrūh (Taĥrīmī) to touch it without Wudū. This is the ruling of Imām Abū Ĥanīfa (RadiAllahu ‘Anhu). and according to the soundest opinion it is also the ruling of the Şāĥibayn (the two students).”

It is in Radd al-Muĥtār: “It is not permissible to touch a translation of the Qur’an even if it does not have the Arabic Qur’ānic script in it.”

[Radd al-Muĥtār vol.1, p.119]

3. Your intention should be to please Allāh.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohamed Husein Qadri

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