Please share any advice/tips on how to improve my memory and concentration. 


Below are a few Wadha’if to increase one’s memory and concentration.

1. Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (رحمة الله عليه) says, “To increase one’s memory, recite Surah Alam Nashrah 17 times before sleep and blow on the chest. Similarly read it 17 times in the morning, blow into water and drink that water. Also writing the letters ذ ش ف م ظ ه ا on a white plate and drinking from that is also beneficial.”

[Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah, vol. 26, p. 606]

2. Also it was the practice of our predecessors to read Ya Qawiyyu 11 times after every Fard prayer by placing the right on the back of the head.

3.  Respecting knowledge and those who possess knowledge is a great way of gaining blessings in your knowledge and memory. Without respect, a student will not achieve the true understanding of religion and special care should be taken to avoid any disrespect of one’s teacher.

Imam Burhan al-Din al-Zarnuji (رحمة الله عليه) has written a whole book on the etiquettes of the students of knowledge, titled, Ta’lim al-Muta’allim Tariq al-Ta’allum. He says, “From the respect of the teacher is not to walk in front of him, not to sit in his place, not to begin converse in front of him except with his permission…” (p. 27)

4. The aforementioned Imam has mentioned ways of seeking knowledge and increasing one’s memory. I mention in bullet forms from this book:

  • To start a lesson, book, or any action on Wednesday, (there is a Hadith regarding this). Also Allah created light on this day (and knowledge is light). (p. 48)
  • Start with a small portion so it is easier to commit to memory. Students differ on the amount of lesson. (p. 49)
  • One should keep repeating what he has learnt. (p. 49)
  • Thank Allah every time you learn something new. Imam Abu Hanifa radiyAllahu anhu was asked about the way he increased his knowledge, he replied saying. “By thanking Allah every time I learnt a new piece of knowledge and wisdom.” (p. 56)
  • The best times of learn something off by heart is in the early morning, and between Maghrib and ‘Isha (p.66)
  • To always remain humble, even with his class fellows. (p. 76)
  • Facing the Qiblah when learning a lesson. (p. 78)
  • Persistence and exerting one’s effort to learn. Eating less, praying Salah al-Tahajjud and constantly reciting the Holy Qur’an. (p. 81)
  • Increasing Salawat (Durūd) upon the Beloved sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam (p. 82)
  • Using Miswak, drinking honey, eating 21 raisins every morning. This will not only help to increase the memory but will cure many illnesses and diseases. (p. 82)
  • Avoid committing sins and disobedience of Allah, worrying about wordly things, wasting time, keeping ties with sinners. (p. 83)

5. Reciting Salāmun Qawlam-Mir-Rabbil ‘Ālamīn 125 times daily

6. Reciting Rabbī Zidnī ‘ilman 10 times in the morning.

7. Suppllicating to Allah (making Du’a) and giving charity.

8. Taking care of one’s body. Avoid junk food and always eat healthy.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Shaykh Mohamed Husein Qadri

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