I have heard many people say you shouldn`t pray the Quran standing up or whilst walking about, I just wanted to confirm whether that is true?


To recite the Qur`aan standing is compulsory in salaah and perfectly permissible outside salaah. One should recite the Qur`aan as much as possible, however reciting the Qur`aan in a disrespectful place such as the toilets or a place where there is a bad smell is very disliked.

One should also not recite loudly where people are present and he knows they will not listen or if someone is praying salaah and it will disturb him.

To recite the Qur`aan in a position which negates the status of the Qur`aan is also disliked, for example in Tirmidhi Shareef, Kitaab Al Salaah there is a hadith narrated by Abd Allah Ibn Umar, he said ” The Prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited us from reciting the Qur`aan in Rukoo” after this narration Imam Tirmidhi writes “to recite the Qur`aan in the state of bowing (rukoo) in salaah is makrooh according to the Ahl-e-Koofa (Hanafi scholars)”.

However it is not prohibited to recite standing. May Allah give us all the ability to recite the Qur`aan as much as possible and in the most respected manner.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by Mufti Zahid Hussain al-Qadiri

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