I have been suffering from spots/pimples/acne for so many years. It has ruined my self esteem and they don’t go away. I am having so many skin problems, discolouration and pigmentation. Please advise me as to what actions I can take or what Duas/Wazifa I can read to cure this terrible problem that has plagued me for so long


May Allāh al-Shāfī give you complete Shifā, Amīn.

Here are few things you may do:

1. Avoid eating to a full stomach. Always adhere to the prophetic teaching; Eat a third of your stomach full, and avoid junk food.

2. Check you do not have constipation. Many skin problems are due to the weakness in the digestive system. You may need to increase fibre intake and also drink a lot of water. (You may need to seek professional help and medications)

3. Read Ya Salāmu Ya Nūru 111 times (with Durood-e-Shifā before and after) and blow into a glass full of water and drink.

4. Try to apply soil of Madina the Illuminated on the affected.

5. Apply olive oil on the skin.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Mawlana Mohamed Husein Qadri

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