Roughly a week and a half ago I was riding with some brothers in the back seat of one of their cars. We were coming back from getting some take-out. I was fully awake and conscious. Suddenly a extreme feeling of fatigue came over me and I felt like I was being forced to close my eyes. I was aware of my environment but it felt like I had no control over my ability to “stay awake”, then it felt as though I could not hear what was going on around me and my vision was black. I did not feel any feeling of stress, anxiety, or fear. Just like I was falling asleep. Then I saw the Sahabi Ali, radiAllahu anhu, it was just his face and neck area. I know it was Ali, radiAllahu anhu, I don’t doubt this. Nothing was said, nothing was heard. Then I awoke to my friend, a good brother, who was driving looking in the rear view mirror calling my name saying “.Whats up bro, are you ok??” I simply responded yes, I am fine. Later I told some people about this experience and they seem to laugh it off or not take it that seriously. I know what happened to me and what I experienced. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Can you please tell me what this would be defined as, and what it could mean.


Witnessing our master Ali (Allah be well pleased with him) is a blessing and the dream can have multiple interpretations depending on the dreamer.

For instance if a scholar saw our master it would mean he will attain knowledge and gain superiority over his opponents.

If a king saw our master it would mean he will conquer and impregnable fortress.

The vision of our master (Allah be well pleased with him) can indicate toward blessed offspring.

The general interpretation would be that the one blessed with the vision will be granted knowledge, generosity, bravery and abstinence from the world.

An interesting note made by Shaykh Abul Ghani al Nablusi is, “The dominant (interpretation) for those who see the Four Caliphs (Allah be well pleased with them) is that (the dreamer) will die as a martyr..”

For specific interpretations the interpreter needs more information and insight regarding the one seeking the interpretation.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Shaykh Asrar Rashid

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