The famous hadith of Jabir which talks about the first thing in creation, i.e. Noor of the Prophet alayhis salam has been mentioned in the reply to a question asked to Imam Ahmed Rida Khan and appears right in the beginning of the book known as the ‘Malfuz Sharif’. We believe this hadith appears in the Musannaf of Abdar Razzaq, and research has been compiled in recent times about this. However, I have found an article on a website where a translation of an article by Abdullah al Ghumari has come up in which the hadith is declared as a fabrication.
Please can you:
1. Give me a fitting answer to anyone who brings up the argument that this hadith is fabricated.


Shaykh Isam’il bin Muhammad A’jluni in his Kashf al Khafa writes regarding this narration (under entry number eight hundred twenty seven):

Abdul Razzaq narrated it with his chain..(after citing the narration, he says). It is narrated like this in Mawahib. (End of quote)

By the work Mawahib he means the work by Ahmad Qastalani, the author of Irshad al Sari an authoritative commentary on the Sahih of Imam Bukhari. He passed away in the year 923 AH.

Abdul Hayy Laknawi in al Athar al Marfu’ah fil Ahadith al Mawdua’h accepts the narration as being established from the narrations of A’bdul Razzaq.

What he warns people of, and rightly so, is misunderstanding the narration to mean that the light of the Beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) is made from a part (juz) of Allah (Most High) as many ignorant folk have understood. Anyone who holds this position has committed polytheism as Allah (Most High) is beyond such descriptions.

None of the  scholars of Ahl alSunna hold the position that the light of the Beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) is from the Divine Attributes. The meaning of ‘from His light’ would be that the Divine Will created the light with no intermediary.

Accepting or rejecting this particular report is point of dispute amongst the scholars. Those who accept this report cannot be condemned as great classical scholars have accepted this report, as well as the meaning of the report being established from other stronger sources.

Allah knows best.

Answered by Shaykh Asrar Rashid

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