Mufti Qasim Zia al-Qadri

Education of Qibla Mufti Sahib : Muftī Qāsim Zia al-Qādrī al-Hanafī al-Māturīdī has taught the Dars-e-Nizāmī syllabus  at many institutes and also has many students in England and Pakistan; many of whom are teaching further themselves. Furthermore, he has authored many books, of which some are mentioned below:

  • Kashf al-Sadr fī Mu’jizāt al-Rasool al-Ma’roof bihī Mu’jizāt-e-Mustafā
  • al-Salāt o was-Salām kē Sīghoūñ kā Thubūt
  • Sharh Hidāyah ba nām Ziyā al-Riwāyah fī Sharh al-Hidāyah: this contains an authentic Hadīth for each ruling, the matters of disagreement amongst the Hanafi Imams and the opinion upon which the verdict is given in the present age is explained, also, the objections of the non-madhabists on Hidāyah and Hanafī fiqh are answered with ahādīth; this is a great favour of Ustadh sahib for the hanafis
  • Aayāt-e-Qurāniyah kē Asbāb
  • Tas-heel Tajalī al-Yaqeen al-Ma’roof Maqām-e-Habeeb
  • Ziyā al-Bayān dar Shān-e-Ramadān
  • Fatāwā Europe-o-Bartāniyah: this book presents the Islamic rulings of new issues that have arisen in Europe and Britain, in light of Hanafī fiqh.

Iftā: many ‘ulemā are striving to solve contemporary issues that are arising in England. However, one would be hard pressed to find an individual who is working as hard as Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziā to guide the scholars and the public alike. The greatest Muftī of England, Muftī Mawlānā Shams al-Hudā Misbāhī has shown great admiration for Ustadh Qasim sahib’s fatāwā. Ustādh Sāhib has solved many new issues that have arisen in England, and the answers to these questions have now been published in the form of the first volume of Fatāwā Europe-o-Bartāniyah, which contains the fatāwā issues by Ustādh Muftī Qāsim from 2015-2018; the English rendering of these fatāwā and newer volumes are also anticipated in the future.

Ustādh Muhammad Qāsim has mastery in many ‘uloom and funoon, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Sarf
  • Nahw
  • Adab
  • Usool Tafsir
  • Tafsir
  • Usool Fiqh
  • Fiqh
  • Tajwid
  • Logic
  • Philosophy
  • Debate
  • Usool Hadīth
  • Hadīth
  • Issuing Fatwā
  • Kalaam (Theology)
  • Poetry
  • ‘Ilm al-Ma’ānī
  • ‘Ilm al-Bayaan
  • ‘Ilm al-Badī’

Many Muftiyan e kiram have given their comments about Fatawa of Mufti Qasim Zia Al-Qadri.

Comments of Mufti Shams ul Huda Misbahi

The respected and honourable Hazrat Mawlānā Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā Qādirī, may his honour be further increased, is a Scholar of Islām with solid capability. He has a good insight to Usūl & Furū’ [primary & secondary matters]. He is hardworking and has the passion & zeal for studying books, and also has the qualities of being sharp-witted, having a fascinating nature, an authoritative understanding and being a rapid writer. He would send me his Fatāwā via mail, and I would then check them and send them back. It is with great pleasure that this collection of Fatāwā is being graced by your sight in physical form at this very moment in time. It is my du’ā that the Lord Almighty grant it a honorary acceptance, make it a great means of rectifying Muslims, and further continue blessing said Mawlānā with the ability of services for the beautiful religion such as this.

آمين بجاه النبي الكريم عليه أفضل الصلاةوأكرم التسليم

Well wisher: Shams ul Huda, may I be forgiven

Servant of Dār ul Iftā Kanz ul Īmān, U.K.

Teacher in Jāmia Ashrafiyyah, Mubārakpūr, Āzham-ghar

23rd Rabī al-Ghawth, 1439AH

Comments of Mufti Abdun Nabī Hamīdī

The collection of Fatāwā ‘Fatāwā Europe & U.K.’ of the young & honourable Hazrat ‘Allāmah Mawlānā Abū al-Hasan Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā al-Qādirī is a link in the chain of research.

The spiritual blessing of Āla Hazrat is clear shown in his Fatwās.

Most of the Fatāwā from this collection have crossed my sight. I found them to be correct, and this personality has also brilliantly presented the solution to new issues which are faced in western society, and has beautified with proofs, as well as solving every Fatwā in light of the usūl & furū’ [primary & secondary matters] of Hanafī Fiqh. May Allāh Almighty accept his efforts and allow him to serve the religion more so. Āmīn

Abdun Nabī Hamīdī, South Africa

1st Jamād al-Awwal, 1439AH

19th January, 2018

Comments of Muftī Muhammad Azhar

Knowledge and the people of knowledge are friends.And it is due to His Ability that I have been attached to the field of Iftā [issuing Islamic legal verdicts]. The collection of Fatāwā by ‘Allāmah Muftī Abū al-Hasan Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā al-Madanī Qadirī – Fatāwā Europe & Britain – has crossed my sight just very recently, which after studying a great deal, I have reached the following conclusion that this personality is a jurist as well as such a scholar and Muftī who writes regarding new matters. He has compiled the following Fatāwā [Islamic legal verdicts] for the benefit of the general public as well as students of sacred knowledge & scholars.

After reading through this, I have come to the conclusion that these Fatāwā, in terms of the needs of the current climate, are of the utmost importance, totally invaluable and extremely useful, especially for those living in U.K. and the rest of Europe. All praise to Allāh, it is the compilation of irrefutable, correct & relied-upon matters. Mā Shā Allāh, because Hazrat Mawlānā Muftī Qāsim Ziyā Sāhib has been a resident in U.K. for a while now and has seen in detail the custom and dealings of western society, which is why, having kept in mind the issues which the people of U.K. and the rest of Europe face, he has solved many issues with great effort in a beautiful, easy, knowledgeable, fiqhī manner in light of Hanafī Fiqh.

It can be said that these Fatāwā are like an encyclopedia with regards to learning Fard ‘Ulūm [obligatory knowledge] for a general person. This personality has lifted his pen with regards to many new issues, which readers will not find in other Fatāwā books. After reading the following Fatāwā, no Muftī can say that Mawlānā has wrote without looking at the books of Fiqh and Usūl al-Fiqh, and that he has wrote Fatāwā without considering the rules of Iftā. Nor has Hazrat mentioned his own opinion without any proof.

In fact, he has beautified pretty much every fatwā with several Juz’iyyāt [specific textual principles of Fiqh] which denote upon the great amount of study and deep insight into the books of Fiqh of said personality.

May the Lord Almighty increase the author in age, good deeds & blessings and may Allāh Almighty make this compilation of Fatāwā widespread and prevalent in Hanafī Fiqh and make this a success and accepted in this world and the next. Āmīn.

Abū Athar Muftī Muhammad Azhar

Specialisation in Islamic Jurisprudence, al-Shahādah al-‘Ālamiyyah


Khilāfāt and Ijāzāt

Ustad Qasim Zia Al-Qadri has got Khilafat of the great Qādiriyyah spiritual order and ijazat of Ahadith from Shayukh


The Khilāfah of the great Qādiriyyah Ridawiyyah Amjadiyyah spiritual order

Nabīra e Sadrush Shariah Muftī abū Sa’d Muhammad In’ām al-Mustafā A’zamī Amjadī, dāmat barakātuhum al-‘āliyah, blessed Qiblah Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā, dāmat barakātuhum al-‘āliyah, with the khilāfah of the author of Bahār-e-Sharī’at Muftī Amjad Ali A’zamī, may Allāh have mercy upon him, of gosha jigar e Sadrush Shariah Hazrat Allāmah Muftī Abdul Mustafa alAzharī, may Allāh have mercy upon him, and his own khilāfah also, just as our dear respected teacher writes himself in a letter he wrote.

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحيم

 I, Muhammad In’ām al-Mustafā, give all of my khilāfahs alongside my own khilāfah, as well as Ijāzah for all awrād & wazā’if and tawīzāt to Hazrat Allāmah Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā alMadanī Sāhib. I give permission for him to make those who wish to become my followers as murīds in the silsilah ‘Āliyah Qādiriyyah Ridawiyyah Amjadiyyah of Sadrush Shariah Hazrat Mawlānā Muftī Muhammad Amjad Ali A’zamī, may Allāh have mercy upon him (khalifāh of Ala Hazrat & the author of Bahār-eSharī’at) and gosha jigar e Sadrush Shariah Shaykh ul Hadīth wat-Tafsīr Hazrat Allāmah Abdul Mustafā A’zamī al-Azharī, may Allāh have mercy upon him. abū Sa’d Muhammad Inaam al-Mustafā A’zamī Amjadī .

Khilāfah of silsilah Qādiriyyah Barkātiyyah Ridawiyyah

Qiblah Pīr e Tarīqah Hazrat Allāmah Mawlānā Muhammad Khālid Ridawī Barkātī (Nāžim e aali Dar ul Uloom Jamiah Rashīdiyyah Ridawiyyah Nūr ul Quran Gojarah), damāt barakātuhum al-āliyah, has blessed Qiblah Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā, damāt barakātuhum al-āliyah, with khilāfah in silsilah Barkātiyyah and the 4 silsilahs. Just as Allāmah Khālid Ridawī Barkātī mudda zilluhu al-‘ālī, giving his khilāfah, states. Hazrat Allāmah Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā al-Qadirī is a mustanad sahīh ul aqeedah Alim and Mufti, who is of the true maslak e Ahle Sunnah and is doing great work of Ala Hazrat around the world, and has been teaching the books which have been taught in Dars e Nizami for many many years, such as the likes of Sarf, Nahw, Nūr al-Anwār, Hidāyah, Kāfiyah, Jāmī sharīf, Sirājī etc. His many written works are playing a very important role in the promotion and spreading of the true maslak e Ahle Sunnat, especially his ‘Fatāwā Europe and Britain’ which consists of brilliant answers to modern day matters and issues for the Muslims who live in Europe. This poor servant is impressed by his service to the religion, and I give him Ijāzah in all the 4 silsilahs, especially silsilah Qādiriyyah Barkātiyyah, which is from the son of Muftī Muhammad Khalīl Khān Barkātī Nūrī, may Allāh have mercy upon him, Shaykh ul Hadīth wat-Tafsīr Muftī Ahmad Mīya Barkātī, damāt barakātuhum al-āliyah, and he attained this from jigar gosha e Imām Ahmad Ridā Muftī A’zam e Hind Mustafā Ridā Khān, may Allāh have mercy upon him, and he had khilāfah and ijāzah from Sayyidī Ala Hazrat, Imām e Ahle Sunnat, Imām Ahmad Ridā Khān, may Allāh shower mercy upon him. Alongside this, faqīr Muhammad Khālid Ridawī gives ijāzah to Muftī e Europe Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā, mudda zilluhu al-‘ālī, for all wazāif & awrād and tawīzāt & A’māl e Raza and I give him permission to make murīds in sisilah ‘Āliyah Qādiriyyah Barkātiyyah Ridawiyyah. In fact, I give him all of my khilāfahs which this servant attained from Allāmah Mawlānā Pīr Fayz Ahmad Owaisi Sāhib, may Allāh have mercy upon him, my Pīr o Murshid Mawlānā Abdur Rashīd (from Samundar), upon him be mercy, and Hazrat Allāmah Mawlānā Abdur Rashīd Jhangoi, may Allāh have mercy upon him. This servant does dua that Allāh Almighty spreads the blessings of Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Ziyā al-Madanī Qadirī, damāt barakātuhum al-āliyah around the world. Faqīr Muhammad Khālid Barkātī Ridawī